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essential - vitality


essential - vitality - (50 ml)

  • Carrier oil: almond oil
  • Proportion of essential oils approx. 10%.
  • For selective treatment on the skin.
  • 100 % natural essential oils

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In the "vitality" oil blend, especially the oils that lift your mood, refreshing and dynamic were chosen. This oil is perfect before sports, an important appointment or to get out of a negative mood. You can also use it wonderfully after sports, because rosemary lemongrass and orange have circulation-enhancing properties and stimulate the metabolism. This oil can help you become more active, lose weight and develop new, more active routines.


Melissa plant: tonic, mood elevator, stress reducer, heart opener, sedative, antiviral

Clove: antiseptic, analgesic

Orange peel: skin tightening, tonic, mood lifting, anxiety relieving, helps with digestive problems and flatulence, antispasmodic and analgesic

Bergamot peel: mood-lifting, anxiety-relieving, euphoric, stimulates metabolism, antispasmodic and promotes concentration

Lemongrass: stimulates blood circulation, invigorates, strengthens self-confidence, detoxifies, promotes concentration

Rosemary: stimulates blood circulation, tones, warms, relieves anxiety, boosts self-confidence, confidence and strength

Rose: sensual, mood-lifting, anxiety-relieving, supports confidence and self-esteem


The essential oils are diluted in almond oil so that you can apply them to specific areas of the skin, such as the hands, feet, thighs, or the like. However, you have to keep in mind that some of the oils can be irritating to the skin. Therefore, please use them sparingly and selectively. The essential-therapy blends are not skin care products, but there are the same blends, only in a much lower concentration in the body care series essential-body, which we recommend for regular use.

Put a few drops in your hands and inhale the scent deeply over and over again.

The feet are capable of absorbing and releasing many substances. You can put 2-3 drops of the oil on the soles of your feet, massage it in and leave it on overnight.

The most sensitive parts of the body are usually the places where essential oils are best absorbed: the bends of the arms, the backs of the knees or the wrists. Put a drop on these areas, rub it in briefly and leave it on throughout the day. These oils are like natural perfumes, only much healthier and more effective. Be extra careful on these more sensitive areas of the body, though. If you get skin irritation, then you should avoid those areas and rather apply the oil on less sensitive areas.

Caution: So if you have sensitive skin, you should be a little careful. Citrus oils such as bergamot and orange increase the skin's sensitivity to light. Therefore, you should not go directly into the sun after application. Clove, rosemary and lemon balm oils also have hormonal effects and should therefore not be used by pregnant women and small children. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.