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Get Sporty

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Get Sporty

Integrate more exercise into your life and become fit and vital

Yes, sports are healthy, everyone knows that by now! But why is it so damn hard to make exercise a priority and integrate a healthy, fit lifestyle into your life. Why is it so hard to just do more exercise!!!?

Do you feel the same way? Then you've come to the right place! I'll take you through four weeks of daily support to integrate this new routine of "exercise" into your life!

You will learn to

  • to love and respect your body
  • positive mindset
  • increase your self-worth
  • develop your own individual sports routines that fit you and your calendar
  • how to deal with fears and challenges
  • how to expand your self-image and become an "athlete


  • Week 1: How much time is my body worth to me?
  • Week 2: Show yourself and be brave!
  • Week 3: I am an athlete!
  • Week 4: Dealing with temptations and temptations and self-motivation

Give yourself a jolt and book the course! The best moment is always now!