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Stress is one of the main factors why you eat more than you need. The causes of stress can be physical (i.e. intolerances, high stress levels, illnesses, etc.) or emotional (arguments at work, conflicts with family, partner, etc.). Therefore, in the first phase of this 21-day course, we will mainly go in search of your personal stressors. Then, in the second phase, the goal is to face these triggers and overcome them. In this 21-day course you will learn a lot from current brain research, how motivation works in the brain and where your pig dog is located in the brain, but also a lot about the causes of your cravings. How you find out when you eat out of hunger and when out of desire and when to avoid stress. You'll learn to plan and execute confrontations with "trigger foods" and develop and permanently establish healthy routines.

You'll get:

  • an audio and interesting content every day.
  • Every day interesting downloads.

You'll learn:

  • Different relaxation techniques like PMR (progressive muscle relaxation), meditation, body awareness training.
  • Interesting coaching methods, such as the hero's journey, tapping acupressure, bilateral stimulation, systemic inner family constellation, the five seconds rule
  • Neuroscience of how routines, avoidance and cravings work.


Each day you will first read a text that tells you more about the topic of the day. Then there are exercises that you can practice throughout the day in your everyday life. There are documents that you can download and audios of about 10 minutes, so that you can internalize the topic even better in the form of a short meditation or hypnosis.

Daily topics

Day 1: Introduction: Turning dreams into goals

Day 2: Your hero's journey

Day 3: Analyze your eating stressors

Day 4: Discover hidden emotions behind food

Day 5: Relaxation technique: Bilateral stimulation

Day 6: Confrontation technique: Tapping acupressure

Day 7: Confrontation technique: "Hero's Journey" - Become the heroine of your own life

Day 8: Dealing with setbacks, fears and frustration

Day 9: Confrontation: Dealing with temptations

Day 10: Confrontation: Set yourself apart!

Day 11: Confrontation: Overcome shame, guilt

Day 12: Confrontation: What do you really think of yourself?

Day 13: Confrontation: Learning to accept help

Day 14: Discover your inner child

Day 15: Food and family karma

Day 16: Who are you and what do you want?

Day 17: Meeting what you want to avoid through food.

Day 18: How to not only want healthy choices, but make them.

Day 19: Embrace change and let go of the old.

Day 20: Self-love, self-awareness and gratitude.

Day 21: Make the future your present

As long as you are registered, you can always log in and open your booked courses and watch the valuable tips and exercises and listen to audios.

This course shows you many ways how to live healthier and more effectively and how to get rid of negative behavior patterns and build up healthy behavior patterns.

Break old routines and take a chance and just try it out. Decisions are never made tomorrow, but always now!