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Overcoming Fear

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Without fear, we would not exist. Fear is one of the most fundamental and existential feelings. Fear is an important stressor that we humans need to get us moving, to prevent something unpleasant or to fight for something better. This fear used to refer to existential things, like being attacked by enemies or predators. The fear of starving or dying of thirst drove us to act more proactively. But in today's culture, in times of peace and abundance, our brains must learn to deal with fear differently, and that is often difficult. This is because our brains have been trained for thousands of years to recognize and respond to danger in a timely manner.

This course is not about training away fear, but rather about cultivating it and dealing with it in a more focused and confident way. To do this, you'll learn various methods that will help you gain better control over your unconscious reactions.

You will learn:

  • relaxation exercises like PMR, meditation
  • Highly effective coaching techniques
  • Neuroscience of how anxiety works


Each day you will first read a text that tells you more about the topic of the day. Then there are exercises that you can practice throughout the day in your daily life. There are documents that you can download and about 10 minute audios, so that you can internalize the topic even better in the form of a short meditation or hypnosis.

Daily topics

Day 1: Introduction difference between fear and panic

Day 2: Where does fear reside in the brain and body?

Day 3: Where does fear come from?

Day 4: What is the opposite of fear?

Day 5: Confrontation with inner fear

Day 6: confrontation with the outer fear

Day 7: A courageous life