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Do you often argue with your partner? Do you tend to withdraw from discussions at work? Do you think you should have moved on in your job by now? There are a thousand causes for stress.

Stress arises when you don't have enough effective strategies for a new and challenging situation. But the good thing is that you can learn these strategies. And that's what this course is for. There are good strategies for how you approach projects or conversations. How you can solve stressors at work and in your private life clearly and confidently. We will look at your underlying beliefs and assumptions and your communication patterns with other people.

You will find out a lot about trigger analysis, evaluation of stressors, confrontation with stressors and your beliefs in relation to yourself and your abilities. Then, together we will develop strategies for you to be clearer and more confident in dealing with challenges in your daily life and at work, and thus live your life in a more relaxed way.

You will learn:

  • behavioral therapy methods
  • Understanding of underlying patterns
  • Analysis of negative and positive beliefs.
  • Relaxation methods like PMR, Bodyscan, Meditation
  • Stress analysis with the help of the stress traffic light
  • Communication training: setting boundaries and saying no
  • Method to strengthen your self-confidence
  • Method to change old routines
  • Pleasure training
  • Mindfulness training
  • Sleep rules
  • Goal work


Every day there is a text in which you learn more about the topic of the day. Then there are exercises that you can practice throughout the day in your everyday life. There are documents that you can download and audios of about 10 minutes, so that you can internalize the topic even better in the form of a short meditation or hypnosis.

Daily topics

Day 1: Introduction: What is stress anyway?

Day 2: How do I evaluate stress? And what does my stress say about me?

Day 3: How do I deal with triggers and stressors?

Day 4: The power of thoughts: how they can increase or reduce stress.

Day 5: Confronting stressors: learn to separate yourself and say no sometimes.

Day 6: Turning your stress-reinforcing routines into positive routines.

Day 7: Mindfulness

As long as you are registered, you can always log back in and open your booked courses and watch the valuable tips and exercises and listen to audios.

This course shows you many ways how to live healthier and more effectively and how to get rid of negative behavior patterns and build up healthy behavior patterns.

Break old routines and take a chance and just try it out. Decisions are never made tomorrow, but always now!