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Communication with difficult people

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We humans are very different, but also very similar, especially when it comes to how we deal with stress. Four different types emerge, each of which deals with the same stressor in a very different way. One tends to confront, the next to retreat, the next to blame others, and the fourth to blame oneself. We sometimes belong to one of these types and have to see how we can get out of it quickly. And at the same time it is important to recognize these types quickly and to have a suitable way of dealing with them at hand right away.

You get:

  • every day an audio and interesting content.
  • interesting downloads every day.

You learn:

  • Analysis of personality types
  • Meditation
  • Train self-perception and perception of others
  • Method: "I want sentences
  • Confrontation method: tapping acupressure
  • Training body perception
  • Confrontation exercises


Every day there is first a text in which you learn more about the topic of the day. Then there are exercises that you can practice throughout the day in your daily life. There are documents that you can download and audios of about 10 minutes, so that you can internalize the topic even better in the form of a short meditation or hypnosis.

Daily topics

Day 1: difficult people: the four types

Day 2: Don't get triggered and set yourself apart

Day 3: Type 1: the pessimist

Day 4: Type 2: The arrogant one

Day 5: Type 3: The Passive

Day 6: Type 4: The aggressive one

Day 7: How to stay calm and create a positive atmosphere

As long as you are registered, you can always log in and open your booked courses and watch the valuable tips and exercises and listen to audios.

This course shows you many ways how to live healthier and more effectively and how to get rid of negative behavior patterns and build healthy behavior patterns.

Break old routines and take a chance and just try it out. Decisions are never made tomorrow, but always now!