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#00 THE 12 GODDESSES join us on this Annual Journey to Discover your Divine Feminine

€399,00 €588,00

With my program "12 Goddesses" I invite you on a journey through the power of  your subconscious mysteries. Based on the twelve archetypes from analytical psychology and Greek mythology, we embark on a twelve-month journey into mysticism, the science of femininity - i.e. to yourself. Together we discover the mystery of your elemental power and leaf by leaf it will unfold the goddess in you.

The number 12 appears in many places: the 12 hours, the 12 months, the 12 zodiac signs, the 12 apostles, the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 cranial nerves, the 12 virtues of Aristotle,... The 12 is a mystical number and if we understand its meaning, it can help us to grow beyond ourselves. The 12 archetypes, explored by the famous psychologist C.G.Jung, embody our 12 personality facets, which are correlated to the 12 moons.

In 12 months we will turn to the respective goddess of the month, experience her, understand her, feel her and bring her to life.

You will laugh, cry, scream and dance. You will gradually bring your 12 goddesses to life and they will accompany you throughout your life from then on.

What you will learn & experience

  • getting in touch with your power and curiosity
  • connecting of the power of your womb 
  • connecting to your sisters 
  • ecstatic dance
  • sharing circles
  • angels walk
  • bodywork
  • ancient wisdom
  • mythology
  • shamanic rituals
  • women circle
  • bodywork and embodiment
  • breathwork
  • trauma release
  • authentic contact and interaction
  • mantra singing
  • tea ceremony


To bring

  • warm socks
  • paper & pen to take notes
  • something comfortable to sit on (there are some blankets and cushions at UHU, but sometimes not enough)
  • water bottle


HEROINE 23.03.2023

SENSUAL 13.04.2023

NETWORKER 25.05.2023

MOTHER 22.06.2023

QUEEN 20.07.2023

ORGANIZER 24.08.2023

BEAUTY 21.09.2023

DESTROYER 26.10.2023

DEVOTION 16.11.2023

SAGE 21.12.2023

WITCH 25.01.2024

INTUITIVE 22.02.2024

06:00 pm - 10:00 pm


We will meet in the beautiful Urban Healing Unit (UHU), Moosdorfstraße 7-9, 12435 Berlin 

Extra notes

Of course I recommend you to go through the whole annual cycle, but you are also very welcome to join for a single or some specific workshops of your interest 

If you are pregnant, take antidepressants, or have a severe heart condition please reach out to me in advance

The workshops are for women and anybody who identifies as a woman. We want to go together through the 12 steps of becoming a higher version of ourself. This journey is about healing, integration, self love and growth. 


Hi, my name is Caroline. And I am a woman. As clear as I´m feeling it now, I didn't feel it all the time. It started already with my name, which comes from the German Karl = Kerl = engl.: Dude. Then I was really good at sports and all the “boyish” school subjects like math and physics. I preferred playing with boys and I dressed like a boy. I studied something very scientific and did my PhD. I´ve been a bouncer and I loved hanging out with my guys and thought women are way too complicated and they complain all the time. On the other hand I loved to dance and paint and I had “romantic” relationships with men and I even married, but looking back from where I am now, I see that I was definitely more in my masculine energy.

With time I started to feel that something was missing. I had irritations, couldn’t sleep anymore and even had some panic attacks. My divorce was one of the biggest shifts in my life, because from then on my divine feminine and her 12 archetypes graped me and pushed me and drove me to become a woman. And I didn't just jump out of the egg and say: “Here I am! I'm a woman!” I actually stood there and thought: “Wow, I have no clue what it means to be a woman!” That was 2015. Since then I went to school. Literally! I read books, went to countless workshops and learned from amazing mentors (some of them were male), I started to learn about Medicine, Kundalini energy, tantric practices, BDSM and de-armoring. And all the time THEY were present. They were speaking to me through friends and foreigners. They introduced themself in moments where I didn’t know where to go. Sometimes I was fighting them, but I didn't succeed. Sometimes I looked out for them, but they didn’t show up. Until my mentors like Peter Orban or Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling and of course C.G.Jung helped me to understand them. Suddenly they had names and were filled with life. Slowly the shadows around them started to dissolve. And then, throughout a breath workshop it struck me and suddenly it all started to make sense. I understood the structure of the twelve and their impact on all our lives and I realized: “I need to create a workshop for women and introduce them to the best teachers of female power: the 12 female archetypes.” I want to give others this compass that helped me so much to navigate my life into my female power. And so they came alife: the 12 Goddesses.


We reimburse the full price 1 month prior to the start, 90% of the price up to 2 weeks and with the beginning of the cycle we reimburse 50%. If you already participated in a few workshops we will refund 50% minus the taken courses. If you want refund please contact us at